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321 Bunny New Year Blind Box Series

321 Bunny New Year Blind Box Series

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Children's dream lovely mystery box

Each box has a doll craft

The mystery box contains 1 random toy when the customer purchases it.

This product is so pretty and has high quality. It can decorate fluffy slime, clear slime cloud slime, and clay.


It can not be placed where the baby can quickly get to prevent it from eating. With the difference in the measurement method, please allow some size deviation. Thank you for understanding.

Product Details:

Category: Toys & Hobbies

Warning: NO Eating

Gender: Unisex

Age Range:> 6 years old

Condition: In Stock

Example listing description:

All items are figurine products with different characters. Each figure comes mystery sealed to preserve the collectibility and add a fun surprise with each unboxing.

Pictures are for reference only, everything in kind.

The probability of the hidden style of the series is 0.5%, and the probability of the regular model is 99.5%.

This collection contains 16 possible figures:

The Meteoric Rise-1/16

Best of Luck-1/16

Wishes Granted-1/16

Handwritten Blessing-1/16

Reunion and Perfection-1/16

Safety and Auspiciousness-1/16

Wealth and Prosperity-1/16

The Moon Shadow-1/16

The Treasure Keeper-1/16

Endless Enjoyment-1/16

Gorgeous as Fireworks-1/16

The Romantic Encounter-1/16

Double Happiness-1/16

Good News Coming-1/16

Sweet Dreams-1/16

Welcome Fortune-1/16


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